Well for me I think she is pretty much as close to a ‘God’ as I would ever worship.   I first found Karen Pape when searching on line for neuroplasticity and I came across her TedX talk that she gave in October 2012.  I saw it in November 2015 and I contacted her because what I listened to and then made my husband listen to was exactly what I was looking for.

Someone who said yes the brain is capable of remarkable change.  Yes, the kids with CP can do so much more with the right kind of therapy.  And, best of all she had case studies to validate it.

Karen Pape is a neonatologist and neuroscientist from Toronto.  Over time she has courted controversy with her view on what can be done with our kids from within the medical fraternity.  She is as far as I am concerned a risk taker and someone who has put our kids needs ahead of established doctrines on what we should be able to expect.

Her mantra’s are ‘Cure for some, improvement for all’ and ‘Habit hides recovery’.  Both of which I believe relate to our CP kids.   The brain’s ability to recover is clearly shown in Karen’s work.

I urge you to watch this talk and then to go to her website and read the wealth of info on there.  She has a book due out called ‘The Boy Who Could Run But Not Walk’ in September 2016 on Amazon and having been lucky enough to read a pre-release.  It will change your view on what you can and should do to help your child.

See more on on her website http://www.karenpapemd.com  (updated website also due for release soon)