There are some truly amazing things that Oscar has achieved with our short time at Step by Step including:

  1. Being able to properly blow bubbles – with an even breath out.   This is a big change in him being able to control his breath which is important for his speech development.
  2. Locating his belly muscles and being able to ‘fill his balloon’ so that he can strengthen his core, again important for speech but the strong core Oscar needs for fine and gross motor control
  3. Better able to do a jump.  I’m looking forward to seeing how he goes at Jump the trampoline place this week but jumping has taken a long time to come for Oscar but he has managed now to ‘activate his rockets’ and crouch to jump.  This helps strengthen his quads as he is weaker on his front side across his whole body than his back.
  4. Swing – he learnt how to swing himself on the swing – trying to co-ordinate two feet together to achieve a joint action has been a challenge but by tying his feet together with a little plastic loop helped him learn this.
  5. Writing with his two fingers and a thumb, ie normal pen grip – amazing!  Oscar has only ever written with a dagger grip but by simply taping down his ring finger and pinky in one day he had achieved separation in the ulnar part of his hand.  Prior to that really his 4 four fingers operated as one part not as they should as 2 separate areas that can be isolated. Still more work to do on this but great progress intially
  6. Much improved pincer movements – using therapy putty and also posting coins into a container with tight slots in
  7. Stairs – faster and able to walk downstairs with just one hand holding the railing – still a little nerve wracking to walk to next to but big changes in how he is doing this
  8. Able to cut with scissors more accurately and move the paper to reposition with his right hand as the aiding hand. Oscar is showing his liking of cutting out at home and doing this by himself.

Still lots for us to work out but some really great areas where Oscar could see improvement himself and that motivated him as well.  It’s all fine and well for me to be motivated but his is 9 and we need his buy in to the benefits of putting the work in for us to continue on this path.