Notes below from our July/August week at Step by Step and what we focused on and future goals now we are home.

  1. Huge improvement in his belly breathing and strength and capability to get our more than 4 words in one breathe over his last visit
  2. Saying the end sounds of words is exceptionally hard work so they chose to focus on intonation and adding more words.
  3. Oscar talks in ‘statements’ rather than utilizing questions and as we are getting better communication we have actually just accepted it.  Additionally, more words allow better understanding as some words are clearer than others and we can start to deduce from those additional words more context.
  4. Redirecting him instead to provide a complete question before we will respond eg: ‘What’s that Mum?’ needs to provide more info ‘What is that blue car over there Mum?’  If not enough info then I will ignore him until he works that out.
  1. Singing – I haven’t managed to get the singing into his world and we have a self consciousness issue to deal with here.  I had found a Karaoke app but he does not want to do it.  I am thinking that I will have to go back to looking at a music therapy option once a week potentially if I can fit that in and find a suitable practitioner up our way..
  2. The Hare and The Tortoise Play – they worked with Oscar on this for the entire week in which he had to alternate being the Hare (fast) and the Tortoise (slow and steady). They used this to get him to drop his voice for the Tortoise and slow it right down and speed up and make it high pitched for the Hare.  They used arm/body movements as well to help with the visual side of it.   Oscar really enjoyed this and they think it might be  a good thing to factor into his learning if possible some small plays.